Graehl Arts

We believe software is Art

Our passion is producing great software and giving users great experiences

We are modern web technology experts. Let us support and advise you. We will build your vision.

Our Expertise

Data & Databases

At the core of every business lies data.

Managing, storing, and grokking data is in our DNA


JavaScript today is everywhere.

We build simple, beautiful applications purely in JavaScript, both client-side and server-side.

Open Source

We believe in open source and freedom.

We contribute software to the open source community.


We love Python

Versatile and efficient solutions are at our fingertips


We can fully manage your deployment

We use Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services to make your deployments efficient and secure


We are security experts

We keep up to date so that you don't lose sleep.

Featured Products


JSTorrent is a Torrent Client for Google Chrome written in pure JavaScript

It's simple and downloads torrent files with ease. It can download torrents directly to your Downloads folder and can handle large files (multi-gigabyte files) with ease. It is designed specifically for Google ChromeOS and runs fine on lower end ARM Chromebooks.

"When it seemed that Chromebook was limited to web browing and little more, JSTorrent comes in and makes it a very powerful and complete gadget. A must have to all downloaders"

Web Server for Chrome

Web Server for Chrome is an app for Google Chrome™.

It runs anywhere that you have Chrome installed, so you can take it anywhere. It even works on ARM chromebooks.

It now has the option to listen on the local network, so other computers can access your files. Additionally, it can try and get an internet address.

Many people use this to do basic web development on a chromebook. It is also handy for sharing files over a local network between computers, or even on the internet.

It is MIT licensed and used in many projects worldwide


MP4Cast is an app for Google Chromecast™. With it, you can stream your locally stored video files directly to your Chromecast. Other solutions can result in choppy, unplayable videos. With MP4Cast, you can cast full HD 1080p content with no lag and no stuttering.

It runs on any full Chrome browser, Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and runs fine even on lower end ARM Chromebooks.

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